Volume 1 Prologue

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Hi, I’m Flowingcloud and a pretty big fan of the Strike Witches franchise. This novel might be difficult for beginners who do not know anything about the series. I will explain a few terms that you will find useful in understanding the story. Also, the Strike Witches’ world is very different from modern Europe. Names of countries are changed and some countries do not exist in real life. Additionally, all members will be referred to by their real rank, not what the Japanese raw is. For example, First Lieutenant Kuroda -> Flying Officer Kuroda.

Terms You Should Know:

Neuroi: Enemy machines that the witches are fighting.
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Striker Units: Devices that allow witches to fly in the sky and fight the Neuroi.
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Translator: flowingcloud    Editor: Netsu

Anxiety about teamwork? It is not the the point where it is fine to say that it is perfect.

Squadron Leader Rosalie de Hemricourt de Grunne

(Le Monde Newspaper’s Interview During 506th Joint Fighter Wing’s Honorary Commanding Officer’s Inauguration)

The deep green forest, continued to the ends of the earth.

Those entirely inorganic flight vehicles linked together to form a V formation in the sky, that numbered around thirty to forty in total.

Currently, those flight vehicles that resembled small airplanes continued to approach from the southwest direction towards the group of Neuroi.

The ones who flew in the sky wearing strike units, also known as the modern broom, were girls who were freely using their magical abilities.

“Uwa~! Tons of tiny Neurois! What a pain!”

The black-haired girl, that put her hand on her forehead, squinted and confirmed that the enemy in the plane, was Flying Officer Kunika Kuroda who came from the Empire of Fuso. Her appearance was quite like a commoner, but even though she may appear this way she was the adopted daughter of the noble family Kuroda-marquis.

“No, their main unit is one machine/aircraft. The rest are similar to a remotely operated tiny flight emplacement or batteries.” [1]

Flight Lieutenant Heinrike Prinzessin zu Sayn Wittgenstein, squinted her eyes and smiled fearlessly. The girl, with the high class features of a noble, was idolized as a princess from the maintenance group, worshipped Commanding Combat Officer.

“Then, even if all of those tiny Neurois are shot down, they’re only treated as one? Come~on.”

Kunika gripped the MG42 held in her arms in front of her chest, and sighed.

“…… Which means, also no special bonus?”

『Flying Officer, until now I have never given out special bonuses, nor do i have any plans to give out some after this.』

The serene and charming voice that was transmitted through the intercom was from the Honorary Commanding Officer Rosalie de Hemricourt de Grunne issuing instructions from the base in Sedan.

“I was only asking, Commander.”

A smile spilled out from Kunika’s face.

“If I keep asking, for certain you’ll give out the bonus at least once~..”

“Rather than a bonus, how about getting a raise?”

The one who suddenly entered the conversation was Isabelle du Monceau de Bergendal who descended from Belgica aristocracy. Isabelle, who expressed an indifferent-like atmosphere, is the owner of an eccentric personal history where her parents raised her as a boy since they were afraid that she would be the country’s tool as a witch──.

“If it’s shot down here, you’ll definitely be specially promoted two classes. The post-tax income will also noticeably increase, former-Squadron Leader Kuroda?”

Her sense of humor is also unusual as well.

“Isaac, leave it at that. You’ll be in contact soon.

The one who gave a warning on the idle talk was Romanian noble Flight Lieutenant Adriana Visconti. She was a problem child whose demotions through frank remarks and military regulation violations outweighed her military gains and was repeatedly reinstated into her home unit, but──.

“…… I have been passed around repeatedly through various fronts, but the first time I thought of myself as an honor student was in this unit.”

Adriana murmured and smiled wryly, the 506th Joint Fighter Wing A-Unit was a unique type group.

Also, that unique type was that all the witches’ backgrounds were nobles. Hence, those girls were called──.

Noble Witches.

“I’ll settle this before those B guys come! Those are our prey!”

Heinrike raised her altitude so that she could signal Kunika with her hand.

“Certainly. Those mustards running away with the achievements is an annoyance.”

Whether it was due to a similar personality or not, Adriana, who always clashed with Heinrike, unusually agreed with her.

The “B-unit” both of them referred to was Dijon, which possesses the 506’s B-unit, that was famous for mustard. A detached forced that was comprised of dispatched witches from Liberion, across the Atlantic Ocean.

Originally, it was supposed to be a Joint Fighter Wing, comprised of witches representing each nation. The B-unit was supposed to be one with Heinrike, Kuroda and the A-unit, but due to most of those members not being nobles, one part of the top brass──frankly speaking, Britannia who was afraid of Liberion monopolizing the influence in regarding to the already acquired postwar period, Gallia──refused the merge.

『Even if the B-unit comes, don’t do something reckless──』

Rosalie addressed once again.


Flight Lieutenant Visconti and Pilot Officer Bergendal maintain your current altitude! Flying Officer Kuroda, follow me!”


“Ok o~k, roger!”

“Roger, Squadron Leader.”

“Roger here as well.”

『This is Sedan. Anyone, did anyone──』

It wasn’t as if everybody couldn’t hear Rosalie’s voice and not respond because they were all unkind/ill-tempered.. Heinrike gave orders in rapid succession, so since they were responding to Heinrike’s orders their hands were full.

“Flying Officer Kuroda, cover me! We’ll appear right above them and attack! Flight Lieutenant Visconti Pilot Officer Bergendal, go around and cut in from the back!”

『Look here, I’d like for all of you to listen to me──』

Rosalie’s voice had a trace of a resigning echo.

“Um, the Neurois, are going to enter the airspace that the B-unit is in charge of very soon. Wouldn’t it be easier if we leave it to everyone in the B-unit?”

Kunika overlooked the formation of Neuroi at the ten o’clock direction while asking Heinrike.

『…… O~i, hello~』

Rosalie became partly desperate trying to draw attention, but the results didn’t change.

The other party.

“Flying Officer Kuroda, stop your foolish idle complaint! I won’t let them have achievements! Even the broken pieces!”

Words of rebuke was returned to Kunika from Heinrike.

“After all, I’ve already worked this month’s salary.”

Kunika inflated her cheeks.

“Listen up, Flying Officer Kuroda! We, Noble Witches, do not fight for the sake of our salary! In the first place, nobles have the ancient noble duty to──.”

Heinrike continued to scold Kuroda, but──.

“That’s wordy, Squadron Leader Wittgenstein.”

Adriana forced her way through.

“W-wordy!? Me? Wordy?”

Heinrike sternly looked back at Adriana.

“Aah. Heavier taste than Cacciatore-style chicken with too much olive oil in it.” [2]

“Both of you, we’re going to come into contact with Neuroi.”

Isabelle drew the attention of Heinrike and Adriana. Certainly, the Neuroi approached them.


Rosalie’s voice transmitted softly through the intercom.

“Squadron Leader, I’ll listen to the story after you return! Are you ready!?”

Heinrike finally responded to Rosalie. ──This can be called a reply if it could be called a conversation, though.


At the faraway, separated base, Rosalie was gripping the mic while feelings despondent.

“Commence combat!”

At the order of Heinrike, the witches attacked the Neuroi.

“Work work~.”

Kunika squeezed the trigger, and first let loose on the two emplacements in order to create a path for Heinrike to get closer.

Adriana and Isabelle proceeded to annihilate one unit each from behind, left and right sides. It has been surely favorable progress up until now.


The small flying emplacement turned into something similar to a claw, the nearby emplacements began to accumulate one after another.

Before long, the Neuroi became a figure similar to a single ring.

“Spread out! Get away from it!”

And, the next moment she shouted.

The Neuroi rotated a high speeds, and shot beams blindly.

The beam not only downpoured onto Kunika and the rest, but also the lower region of the forest, catching on fire.

“Impressive. It’s rotating at high speeds, so I can’t find the position of the core.”

While Adriana got lower, a daring smile rose to the surface.

“The bridge.”

While Isabelle was circling, she pointed below. The beam directly hit the stone bridge crossing the valley, breaking down the bridge as if it was a toy made out of building blocks, the river’s water column rose.

“This damage, our unit won’t have to compensate for it, right?”

Kunika muttered while dodging the beam.

“Since last month, it was decided that half of the civilian damage was to be paid by the sortieing team members. Payment by installments is not allowed.”

Said Isabelle.

“No way!”
“Flying Officer Kuroda! Don’t believe her awful jokes!”

Heinrike thrusted away from the covering Kunika, and appeared before the Neuroi. At that moment, the back of her hand hit the tip of Kunika’s nose.

“You hit my nose! My nose!”

Kunika held the middle of her face, and became teary eyed.

“Flight Lieutenant, please pay for my medical fees!”

Kunika, who held her nose that cannot be said to be very expensive, complained to Heinrike with teary eyes.

“Eei! Are you an accidental faker!”

Heinrike rushed into the center of the ring of Neuroi.

Then, while she rotated her own body, the originally bomber emplacements were shot from her hip with the prepared in advance MG151/20 and fired rapidly. [3]

“If you don’t know which one is the core, shoot them all!”



“Yea. As always.”

At Adriana’s voice, Kunika and the rest separated from the Neuroi in a hurry.

An enormous light crown was formed in the blue sky.


1. You know what a military emplacement is? Neuroi’s also have emplacements that fly separately on their own (example image below).

2. It’s a pun. Wordy [kudoi] and ‘heavy taste’ [kudoi] have the same pronunciation.
3. MG151/20 is the gun model that Heinrike uses.


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